The Flight of the Falcon(s)

by Dave on September 20, 2009

The Ford Facon XT Estate Wagon!
HOBART – Apparently, I was a little optimistic when I booked the rental car online for Tasmania. We’ve learned that something called Nissan Tiida won’t hold three people, three duffel bags and an assortment of carry-on. Fortunately, the rental car firm had an upgrade special, and after some gentle persuasion, they upgraded us two levels.

Everything fits beautifully and we can still see out the back. We suspect, if push came to shove, we could probably sleep in it too.

The Ford Falcon Estate is a real Australian car. Which is to say that it is like an American car built in 1986 – heavy, hard on fuel and short on quality control. The driver’s side window makes a horrible clunk when I roll it up. However, it doesn’t handle too badly for its size (thank God, considering the narrow Tasmanian roads), it’s spaaacious inside and, certainly, the price was right.

Then there’s the simple romance of station wagon travel. What kid didn’t dream of a summer traveling Canadian highways in the backseat of an Olds Vista-cruiser, with the ceiling windows? We all did until we actually took a road trip with our pukey kid sisters.

All in all, the Falcon is great. However, it does not cover well for the shortcomings of its Canadian drivers. Each time I mistakenly trigger the windshield wipers (instead of the turn signals), it starts the wipers on the front AND the back windows, ensuring that both oncoming and following drivers can see that I’m a bonehead. And then, of course, I keep trying to climb into the driver’s seat from the left front door, much to Annalise and Robin’s hilarity.

We’re still trying to find a nickname for it. Tomorrow, I’m going to suggest “Mad Max” ….

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Liz R. September 26, 2009 at 2:55 pm

I’ve never puked in any form of car, though I was once spectacularly sea sick. Dave, however, was several provinces away when that transpired, so I’m clearly not responsible for any station-wagon-related trauma he’s currently re-experiencing. Nuf said.

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