Thanks this Week

by Dave on September 21, 2009

LAUNCESTON – Special thanks this week go to:

Bill and Linda for giving us a place to stay before we left last.

Marie for returning taking care of Robin’s piping uniform as we left.

Bob and Jan for meeting us in Canmore and tolerating a rainy, chaotic patio dinner with sweaty teenagers …

Bob and Janet for making us feel very welcome at Sinclair’s CityHostel. All we need to do is teach Bob how to like the bagpipes.

Peter and Betty with St. Andrew’s Caledonian in Launceston, Tasmania for making Robin feel most welcome and for arranging his Tasmanian piping workshop.

Jimmy at Launceston Arthouse Hostel for hooking us up with Tasmania Police Pipe Band (and for being Scottish …)

The great folks at the Koala Encounter at Tarongo Zoo for introducing us to their Koala buddies and answering our silly questions.

Daniel at Red Square in the Richmond Industrial Park for helping us plan our first day in Tasmania.

The guy at Optus Sydney who sold me that data SIM at 5:59 pm as they closed the shop around us.

The nice lady at the major car rental firm at the Hobart Airport for helping us find the Falcon.

Dr. Samis back in Calgary for helping Annalise’s dad get though surgery on Monday.

Leanne and Brian for going through our mail (with our permission, of course).

The letter U for ensuring words like “house” and “about” sound like they should.

To many others that I’m sure we’ve callously forgotten to mention …

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