The Flight of the Wombat (and a recycled blog post title… sigh)

by Dave on September 30, 2009

Melbourne to Mallacoota 145

An Australian's Everyday Drive in Mallacotta

SYDNEY – This is a photo of our current ride which we turned in this week. Very macho!

Okay – not really. It was more like this.

Melbourne to Mallacoota 146

The Flying Wombat

Doesn’t it just scream “I’m a tourist in Australia and there’s a good chance I’m driving the wrong way in your lane!”? That said, it’s been a great week with the camper.

For all its faults (a cramped cab, a lack of power, peculiar handling thanks to a mid mounted engine, even more peculiar body styling, incredible windage), it’s been a great solution for our travels this last week. Britz warned us that it would be tight inside, but, by exercising some patience (on the road, with each other, etc), we’ve managed very well. We’re going to miss it. Full marks to Britz – these are great little units and well thought out.

Too bad about the styling – Annalise christened it the Flying Wombat. See the actual wombat photo below for cross-reference.

A Non-Flying Wombat

A Non-Flying Wombat

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carla October 1, 2009 at 6:03 am

I’m surprised you all fit into that flying wombat…what a funny looking vehicle..
Dad has his follow-up appointment for Oct 20

have fun wanderers…

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