Thanks for our Last Week in Oz

by Dave on October 10, 2009

And Back to Sydney

Please Avoid Drunk Pogo Stick Artists

Wow – I had such good intentions for this post, but it’s taken over a week to find time and a good connection to make it happen. And I have a whole new list for Kathmandu … Argh

First, a missed, but deeply felt thanks to Betty at St. Andrew’s Caledonian in Launceston for setting up a great piping visit for Robin.

The kangeroos and the birds at Depot Beach for just being who they are.

All the drivers who have been stuck behind Britz Nomad Camper Van 31379 on the Coastal Highway between Melbourne and Sydney. We’re still looking for fifth gear …

Ric and Di for the great recommendation regarding Wilson’s Promontory. If the weather had been better, we would have stayed the week.

Phoe at Montgomery’s in Hobart for the great seafood tips including Tassals – the Salmon Boutique – the sweet chili marinated portions were extraordinary!

The staff at the Mallacotta Shire Campground for checking us in late in the pouring rain and pointing us to the pub for Sunday Roast. The staff at the Mallacotta pub also deserve thanks for their valour during Sunday night’s blackout.

The attendant at Bateman Bay Mini-Golf for declaring Robin’s age to be three, therefore allowing him a free round.

Claire at the Eden Community Access Center for some free Internet and for introducing us to Leslie.

The Parks Services for the states of Victoria and New South Wales for their great camp sites (including Tidal River in Wilson’s Promontory, Depot Beach in North Durras and Royal Park on the fringes of Sydney.)

Mike at Cronulla Beach Hostel for answering our litany of questions with grace and charm, running a great hostel (truly) and for arranging not one, but two rides to the airport for us (and coming down to the hostel at 7:00 am to rescue us on top of it all!)

Everyone who has heard/tolerated/complimented Robin and his piping. Odd how a piper attracts an audience in a holiday camp.

All the helpful and charming middle aged ladies in Australian Tourism Information Centers everywhere!

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Mom October 11, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Good to see you have escaped from this strange country with all relevant bits intact. I NEVER watch nature films, not since Bambi’s mummy bought it, anyway, but in an effort to share your adventures sat through a whole hour of kangaroos (minus the commercials and stretches of covered eyes). Those things are mean! Especially the Joeys- don’t even flinch at sharing a pouch with a National Geo camera- just keep climbing with that lager-lout gleam in their eyes. Count your limbs! Be careful! There are tigers in the Hindu Kush.

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