For Rent: 2 Apartments – Koupandol, Nepal

by Dave on October 14, 2009

Kathmandu - Week 1

VanRobertsHam Nepal HQ - View from CEO's Office

All new 3 bedroom apartments with a lovely roof deck with a view of the mountains (on clear days). Close to the Namaste supermarket and a short commute to downtown.  If you need an apartment in south Kathmandu close to the Royal Norwegian Embassy, drop us a comment.

You’re probably wondering what has violated its strict “no advertising, no endorsement” policies.  Well, first we don’t have any policies! And hey, it’s the least we can do! After all, our landlords, Dhubar, Subha, Susan and Susana are simply the greatest.

In the time since we’ve been here, here’s all the ways they’ve helped us …

Dhubar is our landlord in chief. Apart from building a great house, he’s broken into it for us. Our second night, our front door lock failed (typical new house deficiency right?). After an hour and two doors, we were in. Best part, he had all the doors repaired the very next day.

Susan, his son arranges stuff  for us – drinking water, the Internet and a ton of other small, but vital things. He also graciously answered to his sister’s name for three days until she sorted us out.

Subha, his charming wife, teaches Annalise Nepalese (we have the stickies on the walls to prove it) and laughs a lot. During blackouts, she comes by to light up the house with her great smile. Actually, she just dropped off a blackout light for us. Nice all the same.

Susana, his daughter, translates, She was the one who cleared up some unfortunate errors regarding family names.  She will answer almost any question. She laughs and shakes her head at the more absurb ones. I want to ask her why the sky is blue in Nepal to see if she ever frowns. Unlikely.

And that’s just the short list. I’m sure that they didn’t expect all this when they took foreign tenants, but they’ve been so gracious and helpful. We’d be seriously lost without them.

The neighbors are nice, too. We tolerate their dogs and they tolerate our bagpiper. We’re not quite at the point of chatting over the back fence, but we’re not far away.

Oh yeah, and the building is beautiful, too.

So as I don my sweater and my sneakers, I’ll close this post by asking “Won’t cha be ma neighbor?”

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Shirley Robertson October 15, 2009 at 6:06 pm

So, how much is the rent??? Maybe I’ll get my own pad. Just kidding. Can’t wait to bunk down with you guys. Hope you have a sleeping bag for me.

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