Days of the Week – Nepali style

by Annalise on December 1, 2009

We’re learning Nepali and I get a kick out of the Nepali names for the days of the week.

Here’s how I remember them (apologies to all real Nepali speakers for my phonic presentation):

Shombhar = somber, back to work Monday
Mangalbhar = Tuesday, that pre-hump, mangled feeling kind of day
Buddhabhar = Wednesday, the Buddha sitting on the hump day – stay present, this too shall pass
Behebhar = Thursday; Bee Hee, it is almost Friday and for some strange reason this is Robin’s favorite Nepali word
Sucrebhar = like Sucre, sugar in French; sweet, it’s Friday!
Shanibhar = Saturday… reference but I’m still able to memorize a few things
Aitobhar = Sunday, again, no clever reference here but it doesn’t matter, I have extra time to lie in bed and recall the name

So, Hope your work week is filled with a happy Shombhar, Mangalbhar, Buddhabhar, Behebhar, and finally Sucrebhar when perhaps everyone will go to the bhar!


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LeeAnne December 1, 2009 at 2:01 pm

Nice :-)

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