Bagpipes at a Hindu, Nepali Wedding? Maybe a First!

by Annalise on December 13, 2009

Robin’s latest gig was to pipe at the wedding of Tatwa’s nephew. He was aked to pipe at the head of the wedding procession from the groom’s to the bride’s home on the first day. This was quite nice and thoroughly enjoyed by all those in the procession as well as everyone who hurried out into the street to see what that extraordinary music was. Piping music of some form is common in Nepal weddings but atual bagpipes at may be a first! Tatwa was actually encouraging Robin to write to the Guiness World Records people to record this event.

When we came off the bus near the bride’s home, Robin assembled in the street. I must explain that Robin attracts his share of attention on any normal day. Being over 5′6″, he is the height of most men in Nepal but he still has a teenager’s face. And being a student, people are confused to see him about and without a school uniform. He is certainly a curiosity. Now take that and add the kilt and the stare factor goes way up. Finally place that same kilted boy on a busy street assembling something that looks like a crude mechanical replica of a goose with a few too many legs…. things virtually stop. Certainly street vendors, some bicyclists, passing buddhist monks, mothers with children and all the people we’d gotten off the bus stopped.

Robin continued to calmly assemble the pipes having become used to being stared at, he doesn’t pay it much attention. That day’s playing was so enjoyed by both families that they insisted he play at the next evening’s reception as well.

This provided an actual stage event and when Robin got his pipes going, to our amazement, the group of men who were dancing, did all they could to dance along with the pipe music; some of which is possible to dance to, some not so much. Not deterred, they moved as they could to each of Robin’s tunes and he received a loud round of applause each time. When he got off the stage he was surrounded for the next half hour by adults and kids alike asking all manner of questions about the pipes and requesting autographs and email addresses.

It may have been a first but even if it wasn’t it was a hit and great fun to see Robin take it all in stride with a huge smile and ready encore when requested!

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LeeAnne December 13, 2009 at 6:50 pm

Bravo Robin!

carla December 14, 2009 at 7:48 am

Glad to hear the Bandh is over and you are back in the living thing.

Shirley Robertson December 15, 2009 at 2:22 pm

I agree with Carla. I have missed your Blogs. I have checked every day and ‘Oh NO , there still isn’t one.”

I loved this report and so wished I was there.

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