A brief departure

by Annalise on February 4, 2010

Regular readers will have seen that there has been a gap in blog posts. Our apologies!

I needed to make a trip home to visit my parents as my Dad is struggling with his health and facing some major surgical procedures. At the extraordinary age of 96 he continues to surprises us with his resilience and positive attitude but these latest issues are taking their toll. The visit was so necessary for me to spend time with him and to be there for my Mom and family as well. I am so grateful that I was able and that I had my own dedicated travel agent, 1-800-Dave make such excellent and extensive arrangements to make the travel for this relatively quick visit to the other side of the globe as painless as possible.

So, I just returned to Kathmandu this afternoon after 38 hours of travel from Calgary. On the flight leaving Kathmandu I remember approaching London and even just seeing the city at night with all its power made Kathmandu seem like an impossible reality. It was strange to so quickly step back into the Western world with its level of activity and relative order, uninterrupted power supply, indoor heating, spring mattress beds, laundry machines, driving laws which are adhered to and in the case of Canada, winter driving. Thanks to my sister Carla, I had a great set of wheels to use while I was there so the snow drifts which had accumulated on the highway on my first night back were easily punched through with the Jeep. I have to admit, that was kind of fun too!

Returning to Kathmandu was rather unremarkable except that I enjoyed two flights which were dramatically undersold so I was able to stretch out and sleep across several seats and on the final stretch from Doha to K-du, I was happily upgraded to those fantastic big reclining sleeper seats in the front of the aircraft. And so I’m feeling surprisingly well rested.

The backlog of blog posts which I’ll be able to start to look at this weekend include two noteworthy places we visited in Kathmandu the weekend before I headed out. The first was Bodhnath, a huge, tranquil Tibetan Buddhist Stupa on the north-east corner of Kathmandu followed by a trip to the beautiful and eerie Pashupatinath; considered by some to be the most important Hindu temple in Nepal and the subcontinent. It is also where there are dozens of funeral cremations conducted daily along the Bagmati River in the Hindu tradition – we moved past that area quickly and quietly so as not to disrupt these families ceremonies but one doesn’t pass here without feeling the power of the place.

Also Robin had a Robbie Burns piping gig at the ‘Himalayan Hoolie’ a week or so ago that I’ve got to hear more about before being able to share and Dave and Robin did an Everest sight seeing flight last week Sunday which I understand was very much enjoyed.

So please stay tuned as we catch up. We have, sadly and amazingly just over 3 weeks left in Nepal before heading to Europe for the next stage of our travels.

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LeeAnne February 6, 2010 at 8:59 pm

It is lovely to read your blog again. Enjoy these last few weeks.
Great to see you in person as well :-)

Shirley February 6, 2010 at 9:26 pm

Gld you had an easy flight home. Nice to get upgraded. Look forward to hearing more.

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