Quick Transitions

by Annalise on March 5, 2010

There is a thing about traveling by air, spanning huge distances geographically and culturally, that doesn’t or can’t necessarily allow full preparation for the transition. This struck me as I awoke this morning, reflecting on our collective collapse into beds last night. We’d spent our second full day in London enjoying all it has to offer; its museums, efficient travel via the underground tubes, pub meals and fish and chips, fantastic historical sights and a bit of pent up shopping.

There is a necessary awakening of some senses and dulling of others to function effectively in any place. It is at the point of transition that you become most aware of the different settings required for each.

Upon waking I realized that this was all a part of the moving on to the next part of our adventure. We’ve truly departed from the mountains, the people, the ciaos, the in-your-face grit and the beauty of Kathmandu and Nepal. I realized that the missing had begun. In our transactions yesterday, we didn’t have the game of the barter finishing with a final offering of what was purchased like a well earned prize. It is presented in the extended right hand, the left tucked graciously under the right wrist, adding to its preciousness, and all done with the subtlest bow. It truly added another full layer of experience to shopping for any little thing from fruit to furnishings.

People here in the UK are truly great and this place functions at an extraordinary level. Also we are enjoying the generous and warm hospitality of the family of a friend from Kathmandu and that has been tremendous fun. It has helped as we can talk with Madi and Ian about their visit to Nepal also sharing respective stories of the experience. Experiences, memories and connection to friends we’ll continue to treasure.

And of course our journey continues to progress so as we’ve moved back into a Western culture, we realize that we’re truly on the return leg of this extraordinary travel opportunity. It is as intended and we will not complain about the fantastic three months that are ahead of us prior to the return to our own happy home but nonetheless the transition must be absorbed.

I think I’d best focus next on posting from my journal the details of the trek Robin and I enjoyed so as not to lose that magic. And then we’ll sail for France. Wow!

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