Good People Everywhere!

by Annalise on March 6, 2010

On the first night of our trekking we visited with Aaron and Ellen, a couple from Portland, Oregon we’d met the day prior at the permit office. Over tea and dinner they told us a most extraordinary tale. I believe they’d not mind my sharing their experience.

They’d arrived into Pokhara by bus and had decided to complete their road travel that same day so they could start directly on the trek in the morning. They traveled that same afternoon for over an hour to reach Nayapul only to discover that all the existing ATMs were out of service. Having no way to pay their taxi driver they had no choice but to make the return trip to Pokhara and head out again in the morning. There they paid the driver and made arrangements to reconnect in the morning before finding a room for the night. It was only when they went out for dinner that they discovered they’d left their most critical bag in the taxi. This was the bag with the credit cards, entry visas, passports, camera and iPhone. You can imagine that gut-sinking feeling of discovery. In their travel fatigue, the smallest but most valuable bag was left behind. Pokhara receives hundreds of tourists daily and is also a transient centre for service workers as one of the most prosperous locations in the country.

As soon as Ellen and Aaron discovered their loss, they set out on a search for the taxi; one of the hundreds of white Suzuki Marutis used as taxis in Pokhara. In this anxious search they had much help. They contacted the person who had helped secure the taxi earlier in the day but the driver was new to him. The hotel manager where they took the room got involved calling everyone he knew hoping to locate the taxi and when that failed, he took Aaron on the back of his motor bike and they toured the city for almost 2 hours searching. In the end it was not found and people around them were all too ready to express their opinions: “with an iPhone, passports and credit cards in that bag, you’ll never see it again!”; “that guys will just disappear for a week or so and make good with these treasures”; and a few with some optimism offered “he’ll appear just as promised just wait and see”. All they could do was spend a sleepless night wondering if they’d ever see that driver and all of their most important documentation again.

To their amazement, the driver appeared exactly at the pre-arranged time to take them back to Nayapul and re-start their hike. When both Aaron and Ellen gave him their anxious quizzical expressions, he smiled and immediately help up their little black bag; everything was in it. Aaron said he almost jumped through the driver’s door to give this guy a hug but contained himself. When they arrived, now a second time at Nayapul to begin their trek, they felt imminently aware of the goodness one can experience in Nepal and only too happily over paid their driver excessively!

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LeeAnne March 8, 2010 at 12:40 am

Well, that was a most heart-warming story. Thanks for sharing.

Shirley March 11, 2010 at 12:17 pm

I agree, that is a wonderful story.

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