Trek Day 2 Ulleri to Ghorepani/Poon Hill

by Annalise on March 10, 2010

Ulleri at 1577 meters is truly a vertical town; so perched on the hillside that every guest house window looks unobstructed at the expanse of the opposite valley. What a sight to wake up to. Having climbed those stone steps the day prior, Robin and I took our time getting going on our second trekking day but enjoyed a great bowl of porridge at our guest house. Robin had his chanter out to practice his pipe tunes before heading out and the owner-family kids were all around to hear the tunes and enjoy some strange music.

Terk Day 2 Ulleri to Poon Hill
We had what seemed like a short walk that morning arriving at the Ghorepani police check point by noon. The ascent was much more gradual than the day prior and the scenery just got better and better. As we approached toward Ghorepani, we entered the Rhododendron Forest of the Conservation Area. The height of the bloom here is March / April but already we were delighted by whole trees covered in big bright blossoms. The trees were huge with their gnarled trunks covered with bright green moss. With these in the foreground and the Himalayas in the background, I exhausted my camera batteries in no time.

Ghorepani stands at 2850 meters and is the village nearest Poon Hill, the famous lookout. It is one of the larger communities on the trek being on the main route to Jomsom with its airport, it is well traveled on many one way treks. As with many of these places, in spite of first appearances, you can find elements of a much more modern and connected world. Everyone of course is carrying cell phones although coverage was scant at best; televisions are tucked in to corners of most homes for when they have power and Ghorepani offered not one but several internet cafes and so we had a quick check in with the outer world. Having signed in, we saw that things were well with family, caught a note from Dave who was just then in Pokhara and then didn’t really have much desire to spend more time looking at a computer screen with the Annapurna peaks standing stunningly just outside.
Terk Day 2 Ulleri to Poon Hill
After a hot lunch we decided to do an exploratory trek up to Poon Hill to see the trail before our 5:30 start the next morning. As we climbed, we walked through the building cloud and walking on snow covered paths. There were no other people at Poon Hill when we arrived and we had to watch for breaks in the clouds to see the peaks. We enjoyed the climb none the less and then went back to the guest house for the afternoon and evening to spend it quietly reading books and looking out at the thick fog blanket that had completely engulfed the area. Hoping for an evening wind to clear the view for morning, we were in our beds early that night.

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Shirley March 11, 2010 at 12:21 pm

Beautifully written and described. thank you.

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