Trek Day 5 Landruk – Phedi

by Annalise on March 11, 2010

Our trek out of Landruk was steady and fast. Both Robin and I knew we had several climbs ahead of us and we wanted to be early enough to catch the afternoon buses back to Pokhara once we’d reached the roadway.

We started out walking with the group we’d enjoyed the prior evening with but before long we were pulling ahead of them.
Trek Day 5
The day was warm and sunny and Robin said he thought the Annapurnas were stalking us as we retreated; there really wasn’t a spot without a spectarular view of the peaks. We had a full view ahead as well of the length of the valley with its terraced fields early in their crop cycle and the last of the rhododendron trees. At one high point, we paused to catch our breaths just as a porter did the same on his way down the trail. I asked if I could try to lift his load as he carried it, on his forehead. He looked a bit skeptical but I assured him I was a strong farm girl (o.k., it was a long time ago but I’m still pretty strong!) and he realized I wasn’t going to be wise enough to take his ‘no’ easily… He helped me place the head band in the right position and then assisted my lifting of the load. At almost 50 Kg, it placed astounding pressure on the forehead and neck but one could feel that as much of the weight was carefully supported by the back as well. It took no time before I was saying to Robin “hurry and get that picture!!!” so as to set the load back down. We shared a laugh and thank you with the gentleman and then proceeded on our way.
Trek Day 5

We still had several steep climbs to do but we maintained a strong and cheerful pace throughout. The final, steep downhill heading into Phedi was the toughest. We had to lose almost 600 meters in elevation over just a few kilometers at the end of nearly 7 hours of trekking. By then we were happy to hear the crazy shrill bus horns.

With just a few hundred feet down, we saw a local bus had stopped and was calling up to us to see if we were headed for Pokhara. Robin shouted that we were and before we knew it we were collapsed on small bus seats in our hot sweaty clothing lumbering into town with a growing group of local folks and hugs bags of vegetables going to market. Later we discovered how much wiser stopping to stretch would have been but our delight to have caught the bus could not be stopped!

We checked into Hotel ABC again and celebrated a wonderful and successful 5 full days of trekking with a fantastic dinner in Pokhara and very hot showers.

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carla March 11, 2010 at 9:26 am

Now that’s using your head!!

Shirley March 11, 2010 at 12:06 pm

OMG there is no way I could have done that climb. Not too mention the steps it looks like a dizzying climb.

Shirley March 11, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Oops, I meant this comment on the first day of your trek.

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