Collége Francois Charles – Plougasnou

by Annalise on March 18, 2010

Now you may be saying ‘enough with the piping already’ but… we had the most fun today.

Debby, our hostess at the Gites arranged for Robin to play at Collége Francois Charles in Plougasnou, Brittany. Her two younger daughters attend this school of approx. 120 students of about grades 7 through 10. Robin had played the evening before in the town square at the request of a group arranged by the town’s Cultural Officer but was happy to have a break from his school work and keen to hang with kids his own age.
performances in Plougasnou

We went at lunchtime, Robin in his kilt, et al and the Principal of the school immediately took us out to the school courtyard where the student body was gathered. It started out rather formally with Robin’s introduction and he playing his first few tunes from an impromptu stage in front of the school, facing the students and staff. These were enthusiastically received and the music teacher quickly moved Robin down among the students and got the kids moving – dancing and enclosing Robin as he played. He went on to play piece after piece, pulling out the quick ones as the dancing continued to develop and the kids became more involved. They were all having fun!
performances in Plougasnou
After about 35 minutes the Principal had to stop the performances to pull her students back into their school day. In her conversation with a photographer and teachers however the students hung around Robin, all visiting and before we knew it they’d dragged a few more tunes out of him; one a demonstration of what a classical Scottish tune sounds like and then more jigs. In the end we just had to pull out so that school could resume. In a flurry of exchanges of emails, blog and facebook info, we were off. And all in French. A very refreshing break!
performances in Plougasnou

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LeeAnne March 21, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Way to go, Robin. Sounds like you were a hit!

Shirley Robertson March 24, 2010 at 5:11 am

I love the hat!!! Very cool

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