Walking with Clowns

by Annalise on April 30, 2010

Robin reminded me today of some of the funny things that were heard while on our walk. When the two guys were expressing their doubt on the wisdom of walking 23 km daily they put a military slant on it all and borrowing from the Black Adder series referred to me as either Major Pain or Corporal Punishment, depending on the rank they allowed me that day.

David was referred to as either General Hospital (self named as he was carrying and consuming the most in the way of medicated ointments and creams, anti-inflamatories, etc.) He also like the name Private Parts – we didn’t really want to explore that one any further although we were glad to hear he didn’t think he’d lost any along the way… Robin was usually Private Plane, Private Car or Private Call. In each case, he was dreaming. He did get a private bus almost but that was just one day.
We also laughed at the thought of the names Major Incident, Major Accident or Major Complaint, Major Highway, Major Dismay, General Abuse, General Dissent, Private Highway,
They also surprised me one morning with Kazoos as we were walking. I don’t remember the tune but I know I had to stop walking as I was laughing so hard. We sang “The Pirates who Don’t do Anything” many times as well as many other songs we could remember the words to. Robin had the Tuba tune from the A&W root bear stuck in his head for the better part of one day. And to my dismay I spent the better part of one hour listening to Robin’s oral presentation of his stream of consciousness. That was a tough one!
But we sure did laugh. Well and yes we complained now and again too but that’s hardly worth writing about.

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LeeAnne May 2, 2010 at 8:17 am

I think you should send your creative titles to the military – they probably have a book started and you could add to it!

Send in the clowns – don’t bother, they’re here!

Shirley Robertson May 4, 2010 at 12:51 pm

In all your days of walking you must have had so many moments of sharing. Something you will remember for a lifetime and something that only the 3 of you will really share.

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