Home to the snow…

by Annalise on June 1, 2010

Yes, it was just this past week we arrived back home but we had snow for each of our first three days back. We thought we’d managed to miss the Calgary winter but it appears we were mistaken.

The transition is a bit strange but we’re all well and happy to be unpacking boxes to re-establish home. Robin has been the quickest off the line having already attended a school dance and played along with the pipe band at the Lilac Day parade yesterday. Dave has been engaged in a multi-day dance with our phone service provider and we’re all getting past the jet lag and enjoying unpacking treasures from earlier stages of the trip.

Although we were ready to return home in the end it is a bit sad to see the finish of this fantastic trip. I think I will need to get out for some good long walks soon and often to hold those experiences. And I may just consider the next deferred leave. As I thought the first time: “why would I not do this?!”

But for now, it is lovely to be home and remembering the extraordinary opportunity we’ve just shared as a family. A huge word of appreciation to all those who contributed to make this so memorable in each of Australia, Nepal, England, France and Holland. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May there be countless blessings on your home and family and may you enjoy peace in your neighborhood.

Gratefully, Annalise, David and Robin

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