Just one more day!

by Annalise on June 1, 2010

When we were booking our flights home we found a great deal departing from London – Gatwick and so had to make our way across the water before flying home. And as everyone has heard, that volcano in Iceland had been wreaking sporadic havoc with air travel throughout Europe and the British Isles. So we booked our trip from Amsterdam to London with one extra day, just in case…

Now the volcano remained calm but we did enjoy one final day in London before that flight. We spend the morning at Covent Gardens enjoying the market, a little bit of shopping and the atmosphere of the place listening to the incredible street performers. That afternoon, while on a tour of the recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre we decided to pick up tickets for that evening’s performance of Henry VIII. So with less than 24 hours before landing in Calgary, we sat in the historic Globe Theatre enjoying this live production and all the fantastic costume, music and set that accompanied it. What a blast for our final day of travel.

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