Back through the same porthole

by Annalise on June 9, 2010

There has been a remarkable symmetry between features of our departure from our ‘normal’ lives in Calgary last September and those of our recent return.

Last September, in the last week prior to our flight to Sydney, Australia, we’d visited my parents and family in Bow Island; I attended a celebration at my work turning Mount Royal College into Mount Royal University; we handed our house keys over to Halia and Martin, the tenants we’d rented the house to; we’d spent several days in the happy company of Robin’s pipe band group as he played; we said a farewell to our wonderful neighbors, Emery and Jeanette; and, we enjoyed the kind hospitality of our friends Bill and Linda just before the flight. The final note, given the magnitude of what we were about to embark on, Robin came down with a terrible migraine headache reaching down to his stomach until he crashed into a deep sleep. Then we flew and the adventure began.

Just over ten days ago as we approached Calgary in the air, Robin’s vision started to go funny and it became apparent he was starting another migraine episode. This resulted in a full exploration of the air sick bags in the near vicinity of our seat as offered on Thomas Cook Air Services – generally, he doesn’t suffer from air sickness. Halia, our tenant met us at the airport and drove us home where she returned our keys and went to their newly purchased home. With in the half hour, our wonderful neighbors, Emery and Jeanette drove up their driveway just having returned from their extended stay in Mexico. Next day, we visited Linda and Bill near Millarville where we retrieved our car after their generous storage and Robin enjoyed a face to face visit with his long time friends after attending his ‘normal’ school’s end of the year dance. The first weekend back he was playing within the pipe band as they performed for a city parade and the following weekend we were back visiting with my family in Bow Island. Today I attended a ceremony at Mount Royal University celebrating long-term and distinguished staff members, one of which was from my own group after 25 years of fantastic service. Tomorrow we head off to Sidney, B.C. to go sailing with David’s family for a week. And so it seems we’ve come full circle.

But I must add that the circle is richer and more varied in every way. I’m delighted to be receiving emails from new friends we made through our travels and on our big walk. And the sadness felt initially upon our return, as the adventure seemed to be over, has subsided in the happy sharing of tales and experiences as we catch up with our friends here.

Life is so good…. back to sorting through all those photos!

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